Capital Markets Advisory

Whether you’re buying an apartment building or looking for a new commercial investment property, we leverage our strong lending relationships to negotiate the best terms for our clients.

Permanent Financing
Juniper Capital Group’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of market trends is essential in securing the best terms for all asset classes. Our volume and reputation allows us to leverage our strong lending relationships with the top lenders to secure aggressive rates and terms.
Each construction project is unique which has made Juniper Capital Group become creative with solutions. We spend the time to understand the nuances of each development and what is needed to get the project completed. Our in depth understanding of each project allows us to tailor financing solutions that help deals achieve their full potential.
Particularly for these transactions, Juniper Capital Group realizes that often borrowers acquire assets that require immediate execution or to capitalize on a value add. By maintaining lending relationships with multiple bridge and private lenders, our team provides both swift and tailor made solutions to maximize your IRR. Juniper monitors the property’s progress until a permanent solution is executed.
Properties need structured financing that required negotiations with mezzanine lenders. Our network of partnership- level debt or preferred equity lenders helped our borrowers complete the capital stack to close quickly and seamlessly.